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Biljana Electronica reclaims her throne on “Planet of the Bass” (Accurate Prediction)

Biljana Electronica reclaims her throne on “Planet of the Bass” (Accurate Prediction)

Venus Rx in Leo: Retro music, fashion, and art.

Part One, Published August 6, 2023.
Part Two, Update published August 15, 2023.

I'm sure by now most of us have seen “Planet of the Bass, the parody of 2000s,” Euro cyber pop, featuring Billjana Electronica and DJ Crazy Times.

The other day I saw this tweet that was like, there's no summer song this year. And I said, Venus retrograde means the song of the summer will probably be something of a delay. Literally days later, multiple articles are crowning Planet of the Bass, the song of the summer on TikTok. And it has not even come out yet. It comes out August 15th, right in the middle of Venus retrograde.

I also made a video about Venus Rx being a time when we see retro fashion, art, music trends re-emerging. So the fact that they're parodying art that was like made in the early 2000s is perfect for Venus Retrograde.

I posted this video about how Venus Retrograde sometimes you might see benefits be retracted. “...there may be a sort of retraction of that benefit. You may see something that you thought was yours to claim or some value that was added to some area of your life and then that value may seem to kind of dissipate or or temporarily hide away.”

So apparently Biljana Electronica isn't even in the video that they made. He replaced her with this brown-haired girl. No hate to this girl whatsoever. Get your bag, sis. But as far as DJ Crazy Times, why did you replace our girl, Biljana? They're pissed. People are pissed. And you want to know the reason why? Whether or not people want to actually admit it, the reason people love Biljana Electronica is because she looks like Mary-Kate and Ashley., so watching this video gave people nostalgia about a time when things were simpler and they still had happiness and purity in their life.

This girl, again, beautiful, probably very talented, no hate to her, but her look isn't nostalgic. She looks like she's going to Coachella. She looks like an Instagram model. Billjana is the cyber pop princess that everybody loved, and DJ Crazy Times thought that he was the main character when he was with the backup the whole time.

I personally hope that she reclaims her throne as the cyber pop princess that she is.

Update: August 15, 2023. DJ Crazy Times and Biljana Electronica were invited to perform with the Jonas Brothers, and Biljana has reclaimed her throne in the official music video.

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