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Archaeologists uncover medieval iron prosthetic hand

Archaeologists uncover medieval iron prosthetic hand

Mars Conjunct Mercury in Scorpio

Published November 11, 2023

October 28th, this article was published by Ancient Origins. Apparently archaeologists have unearthed a medieval skeleton that had a prosthetic hand made of iron. Let's talk about the astrology of this find.

In astrology, Scorpio is the sign that rules digging for buried objects, including archaeological digs and robbing somebody's grave of valuable artifacts.

When this article was published, Mars was conjunct Mercury in Scorpio. In medical astrology, Mercury rules our hands. In molecular or chemical astrology, Mars rules over the element iron, which is why Mars rules over our blood. We have iron in the hemoglobin in our blood.

Regardless, astrologically, Mars conjunct Mercury in Scorpio reads as an iron hand found in an archaeological dig. So it's pretty crazy how literally this played out.

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