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An Intro to Venus Retrograde in Leo 2023

An Intro to Venus Retrograde in Leo 2023

July 23 - September 2, 2023

Video published May 14, 2023
Transcript published May 18, 2023

Most people know about Mercury Retrograde: it happens [about] three times per year, and it affects our communication, our writing, our electronics… but Venus also has a retrograde cycle which happens way less frequently. The last time was December of 2021 when Venus was Retrograde (Rx) in Capricorn. The next one we have is Venus Retrograde in Leo which happens July 23 - September 2, 2023.

Venus rules relationships and partnerships (romantic, platonic, and professional). Venus also rules valuables and material resources (everything from money to food, shelter, and water). Venus also rules our senses; so taste, smell, sound, touch, and sight are all Venus’ “territory.”

When you think about our sense of sight, Venus also rules all things appearance-wise… aesthetics. So beauty, as well as art, are all affected by this Rx cycle as well. Really anything that falls into “the arts” (music, dance, beauty, painting, sculpting, creative writing, etc). All of these areas are covered by Venus and they will all be impacted by Venus’ Rx cycle this summer.

So I’m going to make a bunch of videos talking about the details and some of the other transits that happen during this retrograde cycle (follow and stay tuned for more).

Now that Venus is in Cancer (the same sign as Mars in Cancer), I want to look at these two planets and look at the way they kind of “interact” throughout this Rx cycle.

We are looking at the transits for Mars and Venus only. Venus had just entered Cancer. On May 20, Mars will enter Leo and shortly after Venus will join Mars in Leo on June 5. Most of June, Venus and Mars are together in Leo and it looks like Venus is catching up to Mars. It looks like they are going to conjoin at the end of that sign (since Venus is applying to a conjunction all month).

What happens is, when Mars moves into Virgo, right after that Venus stations Rx in 28° Leo and goes backwards through those same degrees of Leo. So Venus is forced to reflect on her self image, while Mars charges through his responsibilities. It’s not until September when Venus stations Direct and Mars is in Libra that they actually hit an aspect, a Sextile (September 19 - October 4).

So from mid-October until early February (which is when they eventually conjoin in Aquarius), Venus is then “catching up” to Mars and slowly creeping up on him. So, like I said, I’m going to be posting more about this, but I wanted to give you guys a taste of what we have coming.

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