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ACCURATE PREDICTION: Pharmacy Restrictions

ACCURATE PREDICTION: Pharmacy Restrictions

Saturn in Pisces: Secret Pharmacy Order Limit

Video and Transcript published April 11, 2023.

Quote from video “Saturn in Pisces Predictions,” originally published March 29, 2023.

“...Next is a focus on the pharmaceutical industry specifically. Pisces rules drugs and alcohol, which includes pharmaceutical drugs. Saturn is the planet that rules “the law,” restrictions, and regulations. So, Saturn in Pisces is themes of restrictions on drugs & pharmaceuticals.”

April 3, 2023. Bloomberg Business published article: “Xanax and Adderall Access Is Being Blocked by Secret Drug Limits.”

So, there’s this secret order limit that prevents pharmacies from ordering over a certain amount of product. It’s a result of a lawsuit related to the opioid over-prescription, but the order limit does not only apply to opioids, it applies to all pharmaceuticals. So now people can’t get their Xanax and Adderall, and other sleep/anxiety/ADHD medications.

Not only is there a limit being placed on how much they can order, but the limit itself is a secret. To prevent people from “gaming the system,” they aren’t going to tell them when they’d get cut off. No warning. If you hit the limit, you simply get cut off. So now there are pharmacies with legitimate patients, trying to fill legitimate prescriptions, saying “sorry, we hit our limit,” and sending their patients on a scavenger hunt to get their medication from some CVS that hasn’t hit their order limit yet (displacing more customers/patients).

I’m telling you–in the next three years we are going to see an influx of InSobs… “Involuntarily Sober” people.

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