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ACCURATE PREDICTION: Collapse of Silicon Valley Bank

ACCURATE PREDICTION: Collapse of Silicon Valley Bank

March 2023: “The Silicon Valley Version of the 2008 Market crash”

Article Published Wednesday April 12, 2023.

I used Astrology to predict the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank 3 months before it happened. In my video on ChatGPT (originally published on Tiktok on December 12, 2022), I used the artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot to create the code for a clickable online calendar, completely from scratch. In this video we get a small taste of the power of AI, in addition to some of the implications of Pluto entering Aquarius in March 2023.

Pluto is the planet that rules transformation and disruption (as well as payment of debt). Pluto entered Capricorn, the sign that rules traditional financial & industrial systems, in 2008–the exact same time we witnessed the financial crisis. In March 2023, Pluto entered Aquarius, the sign that rules modern financial systems, innovative technology, all things “internet,” and Silicon Valley Specifically.

My exact prediction from December 2022 reads, “We are about to witness the beginning of the Silicon Valley version of the 2008 market overhaul when Pluto > Aquarius 3/23/23.”

Silicon Valley Bank was shut down on March 10, 2023… Only THIRTEEN days earlier than estimated in my prediction.

Headlines even compared it directly to the 2008 crisis.

The Seattle Times headline read, “ How Silicon Valley Bank echoes WaMu and the Panic of 2008.” (Date: March 17, 2023)

The Washington Post reflected, “Before Silicon Valley Bank failure, there was Washington Mutual.” (Date: March 11, 2023)

CNN Broke News with a headline stating, “Silicon Valley Bank Collapse has echoes of 2008…” (Mar 10, 2023).

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