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Lucille Bluth and her adopted child, Anyong, who was adopted to throw off the SEC

Postpartum depression, no tears to cry, and tax evasion adoption

Lucille Bluth: The Moon in her “Fall” in Scorpio

Video published June 1, 2023

Lucille Bluth’s character from Arrested Development is a great example of the Moon “fallen” in Scorpio. This supercut is titled “Lucille Bluth being a more caring mother than most” and shows many different expressions of the Moon in Scorpio. The Moon rules motherhood, and Lucille’s parenting style fits the Scorpio Moon perfectly. This is a transcript of the video and a description of the Astrology it parallels.

LUCILLE: “I happen to be a more caring mother than most.”

BUSTER: “Where’s my bed?”

LUCILLE: “I put it in storage. I guess you’ll just have to decide which Lucille you want to spend your nights with!”

Buster is dating Lucille’s best friend, who is also named Lucille. Scorpio is the sign that rules jealousy and resentment. The Moon “fallen” in Scorpio can possibly manifest as a jealous or resentful mother/parent.

(Driving past a girl dancing scantily clad on the side of the road for a group of men)
LUCILLE: “Now there’s someone who could have used a good mother…”

(shouts out the window)

(Pouting to her Son, Michael)
LUCILLE: “And we didn’t want to bring up those bad old memories. Besides, this place already has enough bad ones for me. My mother died here. [My son] was born here.”

Scorpio is the sign that rules death and mourning, while the moon rules birth and motherhood. Moon “fallen” in Scorpio is like mourning the death of your mother, or even mourning the birth of your own child. What should be a joyous event is traumatic or depressing.

(Contemplating why she feels weird)
LUCILLE: “Maybe it’s because I went off my postpartum medication.”

MICHAEL: “You were still taking that? You had Buster 32 years ago.”

LUCILLE: “And that’s how long I’ve been depressed about him. Actually, I did go off it in the early ‘90s but I didn’t like what happened to me…”

(flashback to the 90s, Lucille is eating a cupcake and watching the news)

NEWSCASTER: “Claiming she could take it no more, the young mother released the emergency brake, allowing her car to roll backwards into the nearby lake.”

LUCILLE: “Good for her!”

(cut back to present day)

LUCILLE: “I must have gained 3 pounds…”

So, again, the themes of depression around motherhood persist. Taking it up a notch, when she went off her postpartum depression meds, Lucille was in full support of a woman who killed her own child by letting her car roll into a lake. To take it even further, the fact that Lucille was in support of murder wasn’t even the thing that Lucille was disappointed in herself with. She was most disappointed in how going off the meds increased her appetite and made her gain 3 pounds from eating cupcakes. A more caring mother than most? Moon “fallen” in Scorpio is so almond-mom-core.

(As a flaming dish of food burns on the table next to them)

LUCILLE: “You might want to let that fire go out before you stuff your face.”

LINDSAY: “Oh, that’s funny. I was going to say you might wanna lean away from that fire, since you’re soaked in alcohol.”

LUCILLE: “Mine was better.”

Scorpio is the water sign that is ruled by Mars. Mars is the planet that rules fire, so a Mars-ruled water sign means “purification by fire.” It’s the sign that rules all flammable liquids. Mars is also the planet that rules competition and adversarial relations. The Moon in her “fall” in Scorpio can be interpreted as a mother-child relationship with tensions or competition.

NARRATOR: “As Michael was forcibly taking his son out to the cabin, Lucille was about to forcibly throw hers out.”

Lucille wakes up from loud snoring sounds. Disgruntled, she goes into the other room and begins to use a tripod camera stand to prod at her son’s body from on top of his duvet cover. He does not wake up, so she begins to tap him harder. Realizing he’s not moving or responding, she hits him harder and harder until she is fully beating the duvet with the tripod, only to pull the covers back and find a tape recorder playing snoring sounds.

LUCILLE: “Well, that was a freebie…”

LUCILLE: “I want you to help me break up your brother and his girlfriend.”

MICHAEL: “Well, I’m all for that, we’ve just got to find him first.”

LUCILLE: “He’s locked on the balcony.” (Camera zooms in on Buster, who is peering in through the glass door)

MICHAEL: “Oh, you meant Buster. I thought you were talking about Job.”

LUCILLE: “No. I will not have Buster dating my best friend.”

She locked her son on the balcony to stop him from seeing her best friend who lives across the hall. A hostage crisis over petty jealousy.

(Knock on the door)

LUCILLE: “Who is it?!”

JOB: “Your son!”

(Lucille opens the door only a crack)

LUCILLE: “What?”

JOB: “I was looking for Buster.”

LUCILLE: “He’s not here.” (a lie, she has him on the balcony).

JOB: “What are you doing? You want to go out, or…?”
LUCILLE: “Why are you trying to get me out of the house?”

Scorpio is the sign that rules suspicion: being able to see past illusions and see suspicious and shady behavior for what it is. Lucille is suspicious of her own child wanting to spend time with her.

JOB: “I just thought that we could hang out.”

(Lucille gives him the stink eye and closes the door in his face.)

NARRATOR: “Lucille was suspicious that Job was up to some sort of power grab.”

(On the phone)
LUCILLE: “Gene Parmesan? It’s Lucille Bluth. My son is trying to get me out of my house. I think he may be up to something.”

Scorpio talks a lot about power dynamics between two people. The Moon in Scorpio can talk about having a power struggle with your own children.

LUCILLE: “If you think that I play favorites, you’re wrong! I love all my children equally!”

(Earlier that day)
LUCILLE: “I don’t care for Job…”

(reading a text message)
LUCILLE: “Oh, that’s funny… I meant a matter of L&D: Life and Death.”

MICHAEL: “What’s the matter of Life and Death?”

LUCILLE: “Buster’s jaw clicks when he eats. I think it’s what’s driving his friends away. I sent him to Canada for an operation.”

Scorpio rules all intense and serious situations. As the ruler of Death, any life or death scenarios are under Scorpio’s rule. The Moon “fallen” in Scorpio can be viewed as a mother who puts her children in a life or death scenario.

MICHAEL: “I just can’t deal with the fact that my family is falling apart now that I really need you.”

LUCILLE: “Oh, honey. I want to cry so bad, but I don’t think I can spare the moisture.”

Scorpio is the sign that rules lack of resources, since it’s opposite Taurus (the sign that rules resources you DO have). The Moon “fallen” in Scorpio is having no tears left to cry. An emotional expression that is dry or unfulfilling.

LUCILLE: “Anyway, it’s a party, and I want the whole family there!”

(walking in behind her)
JOB: “We’re having a party?”


(Lucille slams the door to the car as it rolls backwards into the lake behind her).

Remember the Newscaster in the 90s: “Claiming she could take it no more, the young mother released the emergency brake, allowing her car to roll backwards into the nearby lake.”

(spots a food truck)
LUCILLE: “Oh my god! Are you still doing breakfast burritos!?” (She is off her meds so she has an appetite again).

LUCILLE: “I need you to do something about my son.

MICHAEL: “I totally agree, Mom. Buster goes–”

LUCILLE: “Not Buster.. Read this.”

A letter is shown, with the words highlighted to read. “Congratulations new parent!...Your adoption has finally been approved…. A young boy from Korea…. Please be home between 9:00 and 5:00.”

MICHAEL: “Did you and dad adopt a child?”

LUCILLE: “The SEC was onto us. Your father thought it would make us look charitable. He must have forged my signature.”

Cut to what actually happened: Lucille is drunk, her husband is passed out on the couch, and she is bitter and resentful towards Buster, who is sitting in front of a plate of cottage cheese with a frown.

LUCILLE: “Maybe I’ll get a son who WILL finish his cottage cheese!” (She signs aggressively).

Cut back to present:

LUCILLE: “You’ve got to get me out of this…”

MICHAEL: “I’ll call social services, but you must take Buster back.”

LUCILLE: “Okay. But I’m not taking care of him. I don’t have the milk of mother’s kindness in me anymore.”

MICHAEL: “Yeah, that udder’s been dry for a while now, hasn’t it?”

The Moon, as the ruler of motherhood, rules milk. The Moon “exalted” in Taurus (the sign that talks about having resources) can be viewed like a mother who has milk and kindness to tend to her child with gentle loving care. The Moon “fallen” in Scorpio (the sign that talks about lacking resources) can be viewed like a mother who “doesn’t have the milk of mother’s kindness anymore.”

NARRATOR: “And that’s when she ran into her own awful mother.”

LINDSAY: “Look who tunneled out! What are you doing here?”

LUCILLE: “Lindsay! I thought you were a hooker.”

LINSDAY: “It’s a wig… No one recognizes me in it.”

LUCILLE: “Oh I recognized you. Let me rephrase that more kindly. I hear you’re hooking now!”

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