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A conglomerate image of Britney Spears & Lou Taylor, Drake Bell, Scooter Braun & Justin Bieber, P. Diddy & Cassie, Ryan Garcia, and Fortnite characters of Ariana Grande & Travis Scott

Exposé of human trafficking, Entertainment-Military-Industrial-Complex Reformation

(Pluto in Aquarius)

Published March 7, 2024


We've seen a lot of really crazy headlines recently, but especially March 5th, so let's talk about them. The first is that Ryan Garcia, a professional boxer, in a Twitter space, claimed that elites tied him down in the middle of the woods and forced him to watch child rape at the Bohemian Grove.

We saw headlines that Drake Bell from Drake and Josh claimed that a Nickelodeon dialogue coach abused him when he was 15. Brian Peck, who is the alleged abuser, worked on All That, The Amanda Show, Drake and Josh. He was sentenced to 16 months in prison over the same charges back in 2004, according to PopBase (I don't know if that's true).

We've also seen many headlines about Sean Combs, aka P. Diddy, who has been hit with multiple lawsuits, one after the other, alleging sexual abuse and human trafficking.

All of these different allegations about all of these different human trafficking operations correlate with the entry of Pluto into Aquarius. Pluto first entered Aquarius on May 23rd of 2023, and then it retrograded back into Capricorn on June 10th. of 2023. Then January 20th of 2024, Pluto re entered Aquarius. It will retrograde back into Capricorn again on September 1st, and then it will re enter Aquarius for the final time on November 18th, 2024, where it will stay in Aquarius until 2046.


Aquarius is the sign that rules human trafficking, and I'm going to explain that. Aquarius is the sign that rules humanity and humans in general, and it is a fixed air sign. Air signs talk about exchange and trade of goods and information. Fixed signs represent resources, things of value. So Aquarius represents human resources and the trade or exchange of those human resources.

So this applies to HR “human resources,” the movement of people between departments and companies in order to fit the labor needs. But everything has a dark side, and the dark side of human resources is human trafficking. The movement of human beings illegally to fulfill labor needs and exploitation of every kind.

Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio, the sign that rules sex, sexual abuse, as well as private matters, secrets, things that are done behind closed doors and swept under the rug. Pluto is the planet that uncovers secrets. When Pluto moves through a sign, it is going to expose private matters, things that are done behind closed doors, related to that sign. The way that Pluto operates is by taking something very small and insignificant and unknown and turning it into a global sensation overnight. Pluto rules virality. Taking something very small and making it very, very big in a very short amount of time. So, Pluto moving through Aquarius is going to take the very secretive, behind closed doors, taboo operations of human trafficking, and bring them into public consciousness on a grand global level.


I've seen a lot of astrologers describe Pluto in Aquarius as the American Revolution 2.0. The American Revolution was fought the last time that Pluto was in Aquarius. Pluto in Aquarius represents the destruction of old systems, and the reconstruction of new systems that work better for everyone.

In traditional astrology, Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, which is the planet that rules large organizational structures, institutions of power, government, and economic systems that are very complex. Human trafficking is not a crime that can be committed by a single person. It involves organized operations and efforts that require people in positions of power and authority to be aware of and involved in the operation.

The destruction and reconstruction of government systems of power in the United States is inherently connected to the destruction and exposé of the human trafficking industry. I personally believe (my opinion) that the United States government is built on a foundation of human trafficking. The United States foreign policy is designed to maximize human trafficking by destabilizing foreign governments in order to increase the number of undocumented migrants that come to the United States.

Undocumented immigrants are the easiest group of people to traffic. They don't have documentation to prove their sovereignty as a human being, they are unfamiliar with the laws in the foreign land they now reside in, and they are so desperate from the destabilization of their native country that they are willing to be exploited for labor, for sex, and whatever other purposes someone might want to exploit them.

Again, my personal opinion, I think that the migrant crisis at the southern border of the US and in sanctuary cities like New York is an intentionally designed, systemic operation that is designed to provide the human trafficking industry with new bodies. This is just my opinion, based on the things that I've observed over the past decade.


Now, going back to P. Diddy and Drake Bell with the Nickelodeon situation, Aquarius is opposite the sign Leo. Leo is the sign that rules entertainment, performance, celebrity, and royalty. Pluto in Aquarius will directly oppose Leo, and will be involved in the exposé of human trafficking in the media industry, the music industry, the film industry, and within the royal family. Remember Prince Andrew's involvement with Jeffrey Epstein? We're not done with that conversation just yet. And we are certainly not done with the music industry conversation yet either.

P. Diddy is the first domino of very many powerful celebrities who are (allegedly) actively involved in human trafficking. I'm not gonna say any names, because I don't need any lawsuits or any sort of trouble, but there is going to be a long list of other people who are implicated the exact same way that P Diddy is.


One thing I want to point out is that in the most recent P. Diddy lawsuit, a woman named Robin Greenhill was implicated in this lawsuit, allegedly contributing payment for sex workers and human trafficking. Robin Greenhill is an associate of Lou Taylor, who is the owner of TriStar Entertainment. This is the company and team of people who were responsible for orchestrating the Britney Spears conservatorship, where they held her against her will, put her on drugs, and forced her to perform. The exploitation of labor. Britney Spears is a victim of human trafficking.

The people who orchestrated that conservatorship are the same people who got P. Diddy his start in the music industry. P. Diddy started in the music industry as an intern for Lou Taylor: the mastermind behind the Britney Spears conservatorship.


I know a lot of people think that this celebrity drama, even the most shocking allegations that we're seeing now, don't really apply to them, but I'm telling you, you're wrong. This is very important. It applies to every single one of us, especially if you live in the United States; because the media, entertainment, music, and film industries are inherently connected to the military industrial complex. It is a very intensely vast network of intelligence operations, psychological operations, and propaganda through use of media.

For example, as of 2018, the United States Army used Fortnite to help recruit new soldiers. In 2023, the British Army also had a recruitment campaign in Fortnite that appears to have now been pulled. In addition to being a shooting game, Fortnite hosts concerts in order to attract new players. In 2020, Travis Scott had a concert in Fortnite. Astroworld meets Tilted Towers… Yeah, that sounds about right. In 2021, Ariana Grande had a concert in Fortnite, and now in 2024, Lady Gaga is heading to Fortnite for festival season 2.

Travis Scott's LLC, Cactus Jack–the business administration and registration for that LLC is managed by Tristar Entertainment and Lou Taylor.

Ariana Grande was managed by Scooter Braun at the time of this Fortnite concert, which happened after her real life concert got bombed in Manchester. Scooter Braun used to work at a nightclub alongside the [ex] bodyguard of P. Diddy. When that bodyguard got shot and killed at Chaos Nightclub in 2003, that is when Scooter Braun made the transition into the music industry.

So again, Pluto in Aquarius is going to be exposing a lot of very, very dark and heavy topics related to human trafficking, and its opposition to Leo means that the media and entertainment industry–very many celebrities and members of the royal family–will also be exposed during this transit. Pluto moving through aquarius is going to align with the breakdown of mind control that society has been programmed with. That includes the way society has been conditioned to strive for fame and celebrity, and the way that children today are being programmed to funnel into the military industrial complex.

I could talk about this topic for days on end, but I don't want my entire account/website to just be dedicated to this subject, so I'm almost out of time. I'm gonna leave it here for now. But we will definitely be returning to this conversation, especially when new headlines emerge in the future.

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