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A hand-embroidered beaded purse featuring a woman with tears flowing from her eyes as beaded fringe.

Exclusive Designer Release by Rachel Ellen Bogen

Taurus New Moon Sextile Saturn in Pisces

Video and transcript published May 17, 2023

Video clip from designer Rachel Ellen Bogen:

“I’m so happy with how this turned out. It has my little tag and two magnetic closures, a really pretty chain with like some little beads on it.. I have some other things coming really soon.”

This might be one of the most beautiful pieces that I’ve ever seen. Even though you said you originally planned on waiting and releasing a larger line all at once, I’m going to tell you why, Astrologically, today is the perfect day for you to launch this product (even if it’s only a couple of units).

On May 19, 2023, we have the New Moon in 28° Taurus. The New Moon phase is the phase of the moon cycle that you’re supposed to set new intentions, plant new seeds so that you can water them and watch those seeds begin to grow–planting seeds so you can begin to grow roots and create foundations for yourself.

Taurus is the fixed earth sign, which talks about stable foundations (financial foundations, physical foundations). It’s the sign that rules physical objects including clothing, so it rules “fashion” in that sense. It also rules our sense of sight and aesthetics, so art, beauty, and fashion, all fall into Taurus’ rulership in that way.

The New Moon in Taurus is the perfect time to launch a product like this. Today that Taurus Moon Conjoins the North Node in Taurus, which is a point of fate or destiny associated with the Moon. It talks about our future and stepping into the next chapter of our life. Then, later this afternoon, the Moon enters 6° Taurus and hits aspects with a bunch of different bodies.

The Moon Conjoins Mercury in 6° Taurus. Mercury (in antiquity) is the “God of Commerce,” as the planet that rules exchange of goods. Releasing a new physical product (Taurus New Moon) for sale (Moon Conjunct Mercury, God of Commercial Sale) is a really really good Astrology transit for that.

The Moon also hits a Sextile with Saturn in Pisces. Saturn is the planet that rules things that take a long time, hard work over time, and the final product–the reward after your hard work.

Clip from designer:

“I’ll be releasing 6 made-to-order slots on my website and they’ll be up there by 4:00. So, if you’re interested, grab one of those. “

A 6° Sextile with Mercury and Saturn reads as “6 exclusive slots, go place your order now.”

Also, Pisces is the sign that rules heavy, sad emotions, so the theme of the actual art itself is also fitting.

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